Mastering Adobe Illustrator
Learn the tools to design killer motorsports graphics

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What is Mastering Adobe Illustrator?

The Mastering Adobe Illustrator course will begin with the basic concepts of Adobe Illustrator and advance to the more complex tools and options, all while starting and completing a project from scratch. The purpose of this course is to learn, memorize and master the essential tools in Adobe Illustrator. The lessons will assume you have no prior knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and will increase your knowledge into some of the more advanced tools in Illustrator. If you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced Illustrator user these lessons will help sharpen your skills and get you on track to creating successful designs quickly and easily.

*This course is not accredited nor does it count toward any college credit.

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What you will learn, memorize & master in the Mastering Adobe Illustrator Course


The Toolbar

The Adobe Illustrator Toolbar has an array of tools, many of which can be expanded to reveal related tools hidden underneath. You will learn how to adjust the settings of each tool and the keyboard shortcuts that quickly activate them.


The Top Menu

The top menu in Adobe Illustrator can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing. In this course we will review the most essential options within the top menu. Understanding the top menu can and will demystify Illustrator.


The Palettes

Adobe Illustrator has approximately 30 window palettes (panels). It can be overwhelming to have all of them open. In this course we will discuss the essential palettes and the array of options in each one.


The Project

Throughout the Mastering Adobe Illustrator course, the student will learn by watching the completion of a project from start to finish. In the process the student will learn time-saving tips, shortcuts, and maximize his/her knowledge of each tool.

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The Lesson Display


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Ray VanDerLinden

Meet the course instructor

With 10 years of experience in the professional graphic design world, Ray began creating racing graphics for the sim racing community. Early in his career, he began freelance designing racing wraps while simultaneously working full-time at an offset press print shop. In 2007 Ray won the national “Ink Ryan’s Ride” Contest presented by Kodak. Of the 3000 entries, Ray’s wrap design was selected as the grand prize winner, and the design was used on Ryan Newman’s Sprint Cup car for the 2007 summer race in Fontana California. Ray began using Adobe Illustrator in 2003. The course Mastering Adobe Illustrator will include tips, tricks, and shortcuts that the award-winning designer has learned from using Illustrator over the last 14 years.

SRGFX Founder

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The Lessons

  • Overview
  • Creating a Document
  • Creating a Workspace
  • Familiar Canvas
  • The Pen Tool
  • Aligning Points
  • The Pencil Tool
  • Free Transform Tool
  • View Canvas Tools
  • The Eraser Tool
  • The Shearing Tool
  • Offset Path Outline
  • Creating Actions
  • Why Stroke is Bad
  • Stroke Outline
  • Stroke Options
  • Creating Brushes
  • Creating Groups
  • Hard Drop Shadows
  • The Blob Brush Tool
  • The Shape Tool
  • The Pathfinder Tool
  • Making Shapes
  • The Type Tool
  • Variable Width Tool
  • The Warp Tool
  • Art Review
  • Step & Repeat
  • The Alignment Tool
  • Swatches & Patterns
  • The Gradient Tool
  • Clipping Mask
  • The Layer Palette
  • Layers to Photoshop
  • Rotating Objects
  • Depth of Design #1
  • Depth of Design #2
  • Depth of Design #3
  • Depth of Design #4
  • Depth of Design #5
  • Depth of Design #6
  • Depth of Design #7
  • Recolor Artwork
  • Setting Up for Print

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