2018 Duel in the Desert Best Appearing Contest
Theme: Hot Wheels inspired graphics

November 7-10, 2018

Duel in the Desert at Las Vegas Motor Speedway’s Dirt Track

Prizes for Designers and Drivers

1st Place

$250 SRGFX CreditDesigner
$250 CashDriver

2nd Place

$125 SRGFX CreditDesigner
$125 CashDriver

3rd Place

$75 SRGFX CreditDesigner
$75 CashDriver

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Meet the Judges

Professional and award winning design analysis!

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How to Enter

Proven Judges, Stiff Competition. Create the Best Appearing Throwback Car of 2018!

Entries due 11/5/18

Criteria for Judging

To win the 2018 Best Appearing Contest your wrap design will be graded in the categories listed below. Submitted designs will be graded by each judge on a scale from 1-10 in each category. The design with the most points is declared the winner of the Grand Prize.


Max Points 10

The numbers and sponsors must be visible, aesthetically pleasing and contrast the surrounding wrap design.

What judges will look for:
Clear and concise lines that flow with the overall design, color combinations that complement each other and the design from one end to the other.

What to avoid:
Unnecessary outlines (strokes) that draw more attention to the outline rather than the sponsor text and numbers, color combinations or graphics that do not make sense to the overall design.


Max Points 10

Good design is about consistency in spacing, themes, colors, and graphic shapes.

What judges will look for:
Consistency in the flow of graphic, shapes, sponsor and number colors and graphic styles. Some primary sponsors demand that their colors be used in their sponsors. If this is the case we recommend using the colors from the primary sponsor and carry those colors through the theme of the wrap. We understand contingency decals contain many colors, you do not need to match every contingency this is normal design practice in race wraps. We also do not recommend turning each contingency black and white. This is a poor practice that does not honor the branding of each company involved in sponsorship.

What to avoid:

A mish mash of graphical elements that do not make sense or work together. Too many colors or colors that clash rather then compliment.


Max Points 10

How the design elements are aligned on car is as important as the design itself.

What we are looking for:

The shape of a race car provides good lines and reference points for aligning graphic elements, sponsors, and numbers. Using consistent alignment for each element is one of the hidden keys to great wrap design. For instance, the top of the door and rear quarter panel provide and very clean line for alignment of sponsors and numbers. We will not discourage angled graphics or graphics that break out of the regular mold of wrap design, however, you should be consistent with your alignment when necessary.

What to avoid

Mis-aligned numbers and sponsors that look broken or out of place. The graphic elements should flow from front to back with consistency in how everything is aligned. Sponsors going off the edge of the car unnecessarily.


Max Points 10

Consistent spacing between the important elements on a race wrap design is one of the keys to creating a consistent flow in design

What we are looking for:
Each element (numbers and sponsors) should stand well on its own and have breathing space between itself and the next element on the wrap design. Consistent space makes each sponsor and number simple to differentiate from each other.

What to avoid:
Hastily placed sponsors and numbers that are difficult to tell apart or are crowded/overlap each other. Cramming multiple sponsors into tight spaces draws negative attention and breaks the flow of the overall design.


Max Points 15

Of course, there are many rules to great design. Sometimes rules are made to be broken and breaking them can lead to greatness. Its risky, but when it works, it can look really amazing.

What we are looking for:
Something we have not seen before, new or old ideas with a twist that can be surprising. However, you can also play it safe, follow the body lines and place the numbers and sponsors in all the standard places and still have an excellent and exciting design. It’s up to you, have fun!

Contest Theme: Hot Wheels inspired graphics

Hot Wheels Inspired Graphics

Max Points 40

What we are looking for:
Wrap designs or painted cars that clearly resemble a Hot Wheels diecast car and/or the Hot Wheels brand. The designs can be a throwback to old die-cast cars or newer models and designs. Use the entire Hot Wheels Library as your inspiration. Please be prepared to provide an example die cast car or an item that resembles the Hot Wheels Branding with your design for reference.

Search the Hot Wheels library at the Fandom Wiki »

Car condition and presentation

Max Points 5

Nothing sets off a wrap design more than matching tires and wheels. Designers, correspond with team owners and drivers.

What we are looking for:
Cars that look crisp and clean, tire covers, wheels and plastic that flow with the wrap design. Even filling in the Tire labels with white or yellow paint marker. Anything to throw the racing world back into its childhood. Remember when racers used to vaseline their tires? Not sure that’s legal anymore, but clean tires is definitely a plus. Have fun with it.

What to avoid:
Dirty, broken and beat up body panels and plastic. Mismatching wheels. Haphazard, strange or out of place body panels.

100 possible total points from each judge

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Contest Rules

  1. The purpose of this contest is to challenge the skills of wrap designers and painters.
  2. Designs can be wrapped, vinyl cut, hand painted or airbrushed.
  3. A high-resolution jpg or pdf of the wrap design proof may be requested. Your graphics will not be reproduced, resold or distributed.
  4. The car design entered must be at the Duel at the desert event. Any entries that do not show up to race will be disqualified from the competition.
  5. You may not submit a car you did not personally design, own or drive.
  6. Any abuse or defamatory use of the asset logos provided will be disqualified (Nudity, vulgarity, violence etc.)
  7. The design must be completely new and unique to the Duel in the Desert race.
  8. The design must have a clear Hot Wheels theme to qualify for submission.
  9. Each design will be judged based on criteria. 100 total possible points per judge. The average score of each judge will be the final score of each design.
  10. SRGFX.com and IMCA.tv will tolerate zero complaining related to final results. Complaints, slander and aggressive behavior can and will disqualify you from winnings and entering future design competitions.
  11. SRGFX.com and IMCA.tv will not be held responsible or manage any instances related to theft of intellectual property or accusation based on subjective inspiration.
  12. SRGFX.com and IMCA.tv reserve the right to reject any design that does not follow the throwback theme of the design contest.
  13. SRGFX.com and IMCA.tv reserve the right to revise contest rules.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are the drivers or race teams rewarded cash prizes?

A. In order for a designer to compete in the competition, the race teams will at the very least have to invest in a new wrap. The cash prize is an incentive for the drivers to participate.

Q. Can a designer enter more than one wrap design?

A. Yes, you can enter as many wrap designs possible as long as the car shows up to the race with the wrap applied to the car.

Q. Will there be prizes for both the Modifieds and the Northern Sport Modifieds?

A. No. Because of the similarities in the body styles of both classes, all the cars from each class will be entered into the same competition. There will only be 3 prizes rewarded. 1st, 2nd, 3rd place.

Q. Can I used SRGFX resources in my design submission.

A. Yes, but it is not required.

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