Piracy Policy

Zero tolerance for piracy.

Under no circumstances should SRGFX resources or accounts be shared, traded or co-owned. All purchases are licensed to the single owner(1 user) of the SRGFX account. Unless given written consent.

Piracy is a serious federal crime, and we(SRGFX) will pursue legal action to the fullest extent on those who infringe or ignore our terms and conditions.

A customer IP address is recorded with every order. We understand from time to time an IP address will change or reflect differently when traveling outside of your regular work station or office. However, if we(SRGFX) at anytime suspect fraudulent or suspicious behavior, we(SRGFX) reserve the right to freeze the perpetrators account until further review. If any malicious action has been discovered, the perpetrator will be contacted.

Learn more about intellectual property theft at fbi.gov

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us on our support page