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The Ultimate East Coast Modified Template

The East Coast Modified template is a perfect way to perfect way to display your Big Block Modified and Sportsman modified wrap design Simply place your wrap designs within the template to give your east coast modified wrap graphics an instant and beautiful render. There is no better way to present your wraps than with this highly detailed template that will bring every and any wrap layout to life.

Perfectly Layered in All Major Design Software

Full detail template transparent PNG files included for all other design software.

Created by: Ray VanDerLinden

Example Designs

These layouts were completed with the use of this product. The layouts contain multiple products and are not included in any single pack and are displayed here as possiblity of what can be designed with this resource.

A magenta, yellow and blue Bayne Power Wasing 2022 East Coast Modified View Purchase »
ARP Red, Yellow and Black 2022 East Coast Modified View Not Available
Patriot Plumbing 2022 East Coast Modified View Not Available
BlackHawk Demo Blades 2022 East Coast Modified View Not Available
Muellers Garage 2022 East Coast Modified Wrap Design View Purchase »
View Not Available
View Not Available
A white, blue and orange number 112 East Coast Modified vector racing graphic wrap layout. View Not Available
A blue, red and black number 10 East Coast Modified vector racing graphic wrap layout View Not Available
A red, silver and black number 13 East Coast Modified vector racing graphic wrap layout View Not Available
A and S Machine Co. 2021 East Coast Modified View Not Available
Western Leather 2021 East Coast Modified View Not Available

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is a front and rear view included in SRGFX.com templates?

A. Almost all of the templates at srgfx.com do not include a front and rear view. The approach we take when creating wrap mock-ups is to place the front and rear decals in an empty space on the presentation template with a label that says “front” or “rear”.

Q. How does this template work? Is it a design software?

A. SRGFX templates are not a stand alone design software. The templates are created by graphic designers for graphic designers. This product is created with the assumption that the end user understand the ins and outs of graphic design and the wrap industry with and understanding of layers, groups, clipping masks, vector and raster art. New comers and beginners are always welcome to use our templates, but should come with the expectation that there is a learning curve. Do not expect this template to be a plug and play software. This is not a DIY option unless you are a graphic designer or are trying to learn how to become a graphic designer.

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Amazing renders.

The East Coast Modified wrap template 2 is created to give you the best possible outcome and presentation for your Big Block Modified and Sportsman Modified wrap designs. Design your wrap project on the full size template and simply scale down using the provided “Hot Corners” to place the design into the beautiful and dynamic presentation template.

Light and shadow Layers.

The East Coast Modified wrap template 2 is carefully constructed with transparent light and shadow layers. Simply place the wrap graphics under the shadow and light layers for for a dynamic presentation. To use this template effectively you will need to understand the process of combining shapes in your design software and creating a clipping mask. Some transparent layers have been rasterized to a high resolution layer for compatibility in Flexi Sign and Corel Draw. Transparent Presentation PNG files included for quick mock-ups in almost any design software.

Sail panel options.

The East Coast Modified template includes an additional file that contains the sail panels of all major East Coast Modified fabricators. The additional Sail panels included are Bicknell sail panels, Hig Fab sail Panels, Short Track Super Series sail panels, Teo sail panels and Troyer sail panels.

More accessories.

The East Coast Modified template also includes American Racer Tire labels which can be easily turned off or removed. You can add any tire label that you chose (other labels not included because of licensing). Also included are full motion tires to add speed and action to your proofs and presentations.


The presentation template is a great all around template created from Hig Fab measurements. However, the presentation template is great all East Coast modified fabrications. Simply swap out the sail panels using the proved sail panel file. Expect to adjust the full size layout template before final print output and to adjust your design accordingly. Obtaining measurements from your client is highly recommended. Use the provided measurement sheet.

A color key is placed within the template to easily replace any color on any panel without having to pick through all the layers. Tires and wheels can be removed, or adjusted for more dynamic poses. Full motion tires provided as high resolution .tif files.

We purposefully created this template so that you can easily isolate either of the 3 views provided in the template. Because of this we recommend using the color key to change the colors of the panels on the car. Almost all popular design software has a “Select same color” or “Select same attributes” option. Use this option or one similar to it to change the colors. The color key is carefully created to only contain the colors of the panels that you will want to change.

We do not provide a clipping mask and here is why. There are many variations to clipping a race car. In some instances you might want to clip the door but not the sail panel or the roof but not the deck. Instead of assuming what clipping mask you will need we provided a layer called “Car Panels” Simply duplicate this layer and delete any panels that you do not want to be included in your clipping mask. Combine the panels you have left and then use this as your clipping mask.

We do recommend that you have 2 separate clipping masks for the top view. One for the roof and a second clipping mask for the deck. We also recommend separate clipping masks on the side of the car. One for the doors and one for the sail panels. This will make it easier for swapping out the sail panels for different fabrications.

Files Included.

  • Full detail presentation template
  • Optional sail panels template Bicknell, Hig Fab, Teo, Troyer, SSTS
  • Full detail presentation templates as transparent PNG
  • Motion tires tires speed/action
  • Full size panel template top view
  • Full size panel template side view
  • Wrap layout measurement template
  • Extentsions .ai .cdr .esp .pdf .png .psd .fs .svg(inkscape)

Additional information

File Size





No. But can be used to display cut graphics.

File Types

.ai .cdr .eps .fs .psd. png .svg

Opens In

Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Flexi Sign, Inkscape, LXI, Photoshop

Designer Skill Level

Intermediate to Advanced

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  1. b_herrington (verified owner)

    We have been using this product for about a year now, and what we noticed right away was the level of detail and realism makes every design look good, this cuts down significantly on client revisions. If you run a race car graphics business you need this!

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Ray VanDerLinden

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