Q. Can I retype the text in the number and sponsors on wrap layouts?


A. The text in wrap layouts is not live type. You cannot change it, by selecting it and retyping it. Wrap layouts are provided for graphic composition, we included the number and sponsors for you to use as guides for what looks good with each layout. We do our best to make sure our files can be opened and edited in all the popular graphic design software. To include live text in one graphic design sofware would make the file incompatible with other graphic design software. Also the numbers on the layouts are setup using SRGFX Number Sets, which are not fonts. Our number sets are vector files that can be opened and edit like any other vector graphic design file.

Our expectation is that if you purchase one of our wrap layouts you have the ability as a graphic designer to open and modify the file by removing elements, changing colors and modify shapes. Wrap layouts are not a stand alone design software or catered to beginner designers.

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