Q. Why do I have to purchase other products to purchase layouts?


A. All of our layouts include design assets from various SRGFX products. To purchase a wrap layout that has assets from multiple SRGFX products, we require that the assets used to create the wrap layout are purchased and then the wrap layout becomes available. This way our products never become fragmented or sold partially.

We have had requests to sell our wrap layouts in the past, to which we would request that the required SRGFX products associated with the wrap layout would be purchased. We would then ask for an additional payment and manually email the wrap layout. By selling the wrap layouts on with required purchases automates the process for us and you.

Premium members do not have to pay any additional fees to get the wrap layout. Simply purchase the 2 required products if you have not already and then put the Wrap Layout in your cart and you will not be charged anything during the checkout process.

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