Template Tire Rubs, Dirt and Rubber Beads


Add real world effects to your wrap presentations!

A must have for iracing wrap designers! SRGFX Template Tire Rubs, Dirt and Rubber Beads add a little more real life texture to how you present and display your wrap designs.

Adds a fun element to wrap presentations
Adds a fun element to your portfolio presentations
Stack and adjust opacity for realistic effects
Perfect for iracing wrap layouts
Battle tested in Adobe Illustrator, Affinity, Corel Draw, Flexi, VE LXI, Vinylmaster, Inkscape and Photoshop

Guaranteed satisfaction. If you run into a snag while using these template details. Have no fear! We will gladly help you. As a matter of fact, you can hit us up on support page » and we will do our best to coach you through the best ways of utilizing these design assets.

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Created by: Ray VanDerLinden
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SRGFX resources are compatible with iracing

Example Designs

These layouts were completed with the use of this product. The layouts contain multiple products and are not included in any single pack and are displayed here as possiblity of what can be designed with this resource.

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Created by:

Ray VanDerLinden

With 15 years of experience in the professional graphic design world, I began creating racing graphics for the sim racing community. Shortly after I began to simultaneously freelance design while working full time at a print shop. SRGFX packs are high quality graphics that are a product of my combined experience and my passion for racing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is a front and rear view included in SRGFX.com templates?

A. Almost all of the templates at srgfx.com do not include a front and rear view. The approach we take when creating wrap mock-ups is to place the front and rear decals in an empty space on the presentation template with a label that says “front” or “rear”.

Q. How does this template work? Is it a design software?

A. SRGFX templates are not a stand alone design software. The templates are created by graphic designers for graphic designers. This product is created with the assumption that the end user understand the ins and outs of graphic design and the wrap industry with and understanding of layers, groups, clipping masks, vector and raster art. New comers and beginners are always welcome to use our templates, but should come with the expectation that there is a learning curve. Do not expect this template to be a plug and play software. This is not a DIY option unless you are a graphic designer or are trying to learn how to become a graphic designer.

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Add fun details to your final presentations and portfolio.

This is a must have for any designer looking to add a little extra to the cars in their portfolio or renders. Also perfect to create in game real life tire rubs in iracing and rfactor.

SRGFX Template Tire Rubs, Dirt and Rubber Beads

  • 15 tire rub variations that can be stacked and adjusted for countless combinations.
  • 4 realistic dirt textures that resemble on track action for dirt cars
  • 3 realistic asphalt tire bead build up that that resembles on track action for asphalt cars

Additional information

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99.3 MB





File Types

.ai, .cdr, .eps, .fs, .psd, .pdf, .svg

Opens In

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Designer, Corel Draw, Flexi Sign, Gimp, Inkscape, and more!


Yes! down or up, but with limitations.


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