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May bulk discount over 60% OFF…

5. May Premium Member Bulk Discount

Sorry to be a few days late on this update. We will not transition to a different bulk discount from April, so you have not missed out on anything new. In response to Covid 19 the 60% off discount is the largest discount we have ever released. Through the month of May I will be continuing this exclusive discount for Premium Members on select Vector Racing Graphic Singles. These select graphic singles are marked more than 60% off.

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At the end of March we released our largest discounts ever to the general public on vector racing graphics 1-50 in response to Covid-19. That discount did NOT include any graphic that would be categorized as a premium member single (the ones you get with your monthly coupon.).

For the months of April and May I am placing a discount exclusive to Premium Members on ALL other vector singles (19 more total) that are NOT Premium Member vector singles (the ones you get with your monthly coupon.) This discount is more than 60% off.

Get discounted vector racing singles here »

As a premium member all vector racing graphic singles are now marked down at minimum 60% off. Again, this does Not include the Premium Member graphics.

The discounted prices are listed. No coupon is necessary for this discount. There is no limit to the number purchases, vector singles for this offer. You must be logged in as a premium member to see discounted prices. This offer expires 5/31/20

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