Course Category: Adobe Illustrator

  • Customizing Racing Livery Layouts

    by Ray VanDerLinden

      Learn everything you need to know about customizing SRGFX Racing Livery Layouts. Learn how to change numbers, sponsors and colors in just minutes! Learn Adobe Illustrator This course requires Adobe Illustrator CS3 or above.

    • Mastering Illustration Wrap Graphics

      by Ray VanDerLinden
      15 Lessonsin
      • Mastering Illustration Wrap Graphics - $149.99
      Mastering Illustration Wrap Graphic Application

      Learn how to add graphics, numbers, sponsors and decals to race car illustrations. In this course you will learn how to wrap, transform, skew and modify graphics to fit the proper perspective of any race car illustration. The practices and skills learned in this course are applicable to ALL race car Illustrations.

    • Mastering Adobe Illustrator

      by Ray VanDerLinden
      46 Lessonsin
      • Mastering Adobe Illustrator Course - $74.99
      Mastering Adobe Illustrator

      This course will begin with the basic concepts of Adobe Illustrator and advance to the more complex tools and options, all while starting and completing a project from scratch. The purpose of this course is to learn, memorize and master the essential tools in Adobe Illustrator. The lessons will assume you have no prior knowledge […]