Vector Pack 7

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Created by: Richard Andersen

Example Designs

These layouts were completed with the use of this product. The layouts contain multiple products and are not included in any single pack and are displayed here as possiblity of what can be designed with this resource.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can Graphics be used on RC Cars, Slot Cars and the alike?

Yes. Almost all graphics are created with vector editing graphic design software. The beauty of vector graphics is that they can be scaled to any size without losing quality. vector graphics can be scaled small enough to fit on a 1/48 toy cars (or smaller) or can be scaled up to wrap a building (or larger). There is no limitation for the size of cutting or printing as long as you have a vector editing graphic design software like the following Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Flexi Sign, Inkscape (Free Program), SignLab, SignBlazer, Vinyl Express LXi, Vinyl Master, etc.

Q. Can the shapes of racing graphics be modified?

Yes. All vector graphics are created with the vector pen tool, vector points and brazier curves that are common to all sign design software. However, for those who design with photoshop, provides high resolution fully layered Photoshop files on specially marked products that would be considered raster files. These files would be edited differently than a vector file but will contain all the necessary layers, which will allow you to modify the graphic and colors as much as possible.

Q. Can graphics be cut on a vinyl cutter?

Yes. Any graphic with the word “vector” in the title contains elements for contour cut lines. Please review the preview images on each product to determine if the graphic is worth cutting and and weeding. Some graphics on can be complex and have many details that may not be ideal for a vinyl layering project.

Q. Will I be able to change the color of graphics?

A. The colors on any racing graphics can be easily changed. You must have a vector graphic editing program to do so. The reason sometimes provides color variations is for quick, out of the box options. The following programs can be used to change and manipulate our vector racing graphic packs.Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Flexi Sign, Inkscape (Free Program), SignLab, SignBlazer, Vinyl Express LXi, Vinyl Master, etc.

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Vector Pack 7 will save you hours of design time. Saving time saves money!

Spend less time designing and more time relating to your customers. Behind on your work? Get caught up! Designers block? We all get it, these designs will help you push past your current projects until your creative genius is back. No matter what the issue may be Vector Pack 7 can help expedite your design process, speed up your work flow and give your clients the confidence that you can get the job done!

What is Vector Pack 7?

  • 5 separate ready to go vector wrap graphics
  • Each wrap graphic comes with 6 different colors schemes
  • All graphics are easy to customize and modify
  • Centered nose graphics and side graphics
  • Cut Ready! Each piece of every graphic can be cut for neon or hologram overlay.
  • Print Ready! Not interested in cutting? Go ahead and print it. All graphics are vector and high resolution.

I like my graphics to be custom!

We love custom graphics too! Each vector graphic includes layers and pieces that you can grab out, warp, bend, flip etc to make a completely different graphic from. Use the graphics as is or get creative with them and make something totally new. Use pieces from one graphic and combine it with another graphic. Breaking down each graphic and using some of the different elements within each vector saves more time than starting a design completely new.

Will it work with my vector program?

We have included 3 different types of files with the vector pack. The Files are .ai, .eps, .svg. Every vector program can open one of these file types. Still not sure? We are committed to making sure you get the files open and completely functional within the design software of your choice. If you have any problems we are committed to solving them, just contact us here and we will get right on it.

Important! Sponsors, template and numbers are not included in vector packs.

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