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5 Mistakes iracing wrap designers need to avoid!

5 Mistake iracing designers Need to avoid

1. Avoid blowing out base colors.

Most noticeably blacks and whites. 3d Models include a baked in image called “Ambient Occlusion” This image is packed into he 3d model that gives shadow detail to all the darkest parts of the car. Soooooo…. you should not ever use #000000 (full black) as a base color. It will blow out the ambient occlusion and those details will be lost. To achieve a more real world black try #181818 and adjust lighter from there. Yes it will still look black. Allow the ambient occlusion to create the darkest parts on the car and the deepest blacks.

2. Especially avoid blow out with white.

There is no reason to use #ffffff (white) as a base color on a car. Try #ededed and adjust from there. Allow the environment lighting and reflections to create the brightest parts of the car that become pure white under the right circumstances. #ffffff will blow out the lighting and the car design and model will have some lost details.

3. Avoid taking crappy pictures of designs.

Every iracing track has a light source. Presumably the position of the sun. Whatever angle you are choosing to take screenshots of the car, be sure the light is hitting that side of the subject. This is a rule in real world photography and works the same in an iracing environment. There are some exceptions to take for artistic effect. However, 99% of the time the light needs to be hitting the side of the car you are trying to feature.

4. Avoid bad contrast. No really. Become a student of this.

Actually, I can tell you, this isn’t something you need to rediscover with every design. Your numbers and sponsors need to unapologetic-ally jump off the car. Every detail of every graphic does not need to have a major point of emphasis or contrast. Let certain elements within the design take a back seat so what is important really shines through. Pro Tip » If the final outline on a number or sponsor has more contrast than the number itself you are probably doing it wrong. See what I am talking about here » . Are there exceptions to this rule? Yes. However, 95% of the time you want the main text element to have the utmost contrast. That is what will make it most readable and draw the most attention. Again, this is also super important in real world wrap designs.

5. Stop putting double and triple digit numbers too close together

There needs to be a healthy gap in the numbers to differentiate the numbers and to be able to read the numbers. Numbers(and sponsors) should stand out above all else. When the numbers are too close together the numbers look like a random shape that are boxed within a rectangle. Give them space. Make sure there is contrast between them. This is soooooo important for real world wraps as well.

Hope this helps. Follow our facebook page for more design tips.

What are some design tips you have picked up along the way?

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