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December bulk discount $15 OFF…

As a premium member you will receive an exclusive one time discount of $15.00 off your next order of $30 dollars or more!

The coupon code for this discount –> premiummemberawesomeness!

This coupon does NOT replace your monthly coupon for December 🙂
This coupon will only apply if the minimum amount of $29.99 worth of product is in your cart.
This discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or coupon.
Coupon conveniently located on the checkout and cart pages.

This offer expires 1/1/23

A quick recap of your November benefits
1. I was a little late getting the premium graphic launched. But it was a maximum effort graphic, so it took me a hot minute and then some. You can get it free with a monthly coupon here. It includes over 35 design assets.( $49.99 value)
2. I ran a bundle discount on screen packs and texture packs. BOGO 50% OFF (minimum $12 value)
3. I Gave away a completely free graphic in the Blue “More Design Tools” button. This graphic will be on the site for sale in the future. You can still get it here for a limited time. Under “Pre-Release Graphic Assets” (minimum $9.99 value)
4. If you took advantage of these benefits in November you saved a total of $71.98 minus your membership fee of $9.99=$61.99 in savings
5. In addition we ran 40% of all products and 60% off all courses for premium members from Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

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