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SRGFX welcomes Brian Martinowsky to the team

bm-art-logo-2Brian Martinowsky has joined the SRGFX team and will bring his professional edge and products to Brian’s product releases will include but are not limited to: Race car t-shirt designs, vector race car illustrations, misc vector designs and courses. We are excited to welcome Brian aboard and to release a new line of products that include Brian’s attention to detail and expertise. Look for BMart product packs in the coming days and weeks. Welcome to the team Brian!

Preview of Brian’s work.


From Brian,

My love of art started when I was young. I loved drawing, especially anatomy, oddly enough. When I was in high school I dabbled in screen printing during a graphic art class and really enjoyed it. I started doing very basic/raw designs for the high school athletic teams. After high school I attended The Art Institute of Pittsburgh where I got into comic book art and drawing comic book style art. After a short stint at my first attempt at college, reality (being an adult) set in and I quit drawing to find what I thought was a “life career”. I did not draw for about 10 years and that was upsetting to me. I found a job screen printing promotional products and that’s where my love of screen printing started again! Among my responsibilities was screen printing t-shirts. I loved it and did a fantastic job! My boss said “you should do it for a living!”

So with that I started my own small screen printing company and got a job at a big t-shirt printing company. I did both for a few years but it became too much so I sold my company and just worked at the printing company. I worked there for several years but still hadn’t found my ‘niche’. I really loved cars and racing and wanted to focus on that. So I left the printing company and started my own freelance graphic design company specializing in race art. It really took off. My freelance business is as strong as ever and while I am more focused in the motorsports apparel industry, my designs can be found on varying items as business t-shirts to toy product packaging.