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SRGFX Welcomes Seann Anderson to the team welcomes Seann Anderson, president of Orange Fatkat and lead creative at Georgia Boot. Seann will be contributing to the SRGFX racing graphics and vector library. Seann’s product releases will include but are not limited to: vector racing graphics, racing numbers, vector race car templates and pro tips. We are excited to welcome Seann aboard and to broaden our products and resources with his creativity and industry expertise. Welcome to the team Seann!

See Seann’s work here

From Seann,

In January 2003, during my final semester at Marietta College, I had a crazy idea to start my own mototsports design business. With a little help from some friends, and a lot of late nights, Panther Motorsports Design was born. For four years I produced decals, web sites, and print design for some of the best dirt track racing had to offer. Then, in April 2007, I decided it was time for a professional change, sold Panther, and began working a “real job.” The hours were nicer, the paycheck more steady, but at the end of the day, I missed the connections I had made in my time with Panther: the people and the work. I started doing freelance through word-of-mouth – some old clients, some new – and found a renewed sense of excitement for motorsports design.